Month: August 2016

Engr. Dr. M.K. Othman Now Promoted to Professor

Dear NIAE NEC, Fellows & Members, Kindly be notified of the elevation of Dr. M. K. Othman – Professor of Soil & Water Engineering, NAERLS, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Kindly congratulate our able leader for this noble achievement and feel free to congratulate him. Professor M.K. Othman was once time National secretary, Publication Secretary and has served  in various capacity in our noble...

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2016 Commonwealth Scholarships for Master’s and PhD study

In case you or have friends and relatives who wish to apply. 2016 Commonwealth Scholarships for Master’s and PhD study in the UK (Fully Funded) Application Deadline: 19 November 2016 www.opportunitiesforc Please apply… & don’t forget to share the opportunity 1. Australia Award Scholarship ( 2. LPDP Scholarsh hip ( 3. DIKTI Scholarship a. Dalam Negeri ( Luar Negeri ( 4. Turkey Government Scholarship ( 5. General Cultural Scholarship India ( 6. USA Government Scholarship a. ( ( 7. Netherland Government Scholarship ( 8. Korean Government Scholarship (…) 9. Belgium Government Scholarship ( 10. Israel … … xxx...

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NIAE Jos Branch Election Result

Engineer Isaac U. Tanam was on Wednesday 27th July, 2016 elected as the new Chairman for NIAE Jos Branch. He will succeed engr Philip Gonap who completed his tenure this month. Engineer Tanam holds a Master,s degree in Agricultural Engineering from University of Ilorin and has being an active member of  NSE and NIAE Jos branch. He is a member of Nigerian Society Society of Engineers, Member Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers, Member American Society of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering (ASABE). Other elected members are:  Engr. Simon A. Ago…… Vice Chairman Engr. Yusuf D, Gyang……Gen. Secretary Engr. Ezekiel Yusuf Dibal…..ASST Secretary Engr. Dr. Durotimi John……..Technical Secretary Engr. Godwin Nenchi….. Financial Secretary Engr. Yohanna Wang……..Treasurer Engr. Shirji Irmiya Gokwat………PRO/Welfare Engr. Gonap Philip……………EX-OFFICIO (immediate past Chairman Inauguration of the new EXCO will be coming at later date. All will be communicated accordingly. Engr Dr. Durotimi John outgoing...

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