NIAE Membership categories & Financial Implication


Membership Type Form Processing Registration Fee

Annual Dues (1 year)

1 Student N 1,000.00 N 1,000.00
2 Affiliate N 500.00 N 15,000.00 N 3,000.00 N 18,500.00
3 Cooperate N 500.00 N 15,000.00 N 3,000.00 N 18,500.00
4 Fellow N 500.00 N 100,000.00 Under Review N 100,500.00
5 Life N 500.00 N 60,000.00 Under Review

N 60,500.00

Instructions for membership registration

Kindly Download the Form for Membership Category that applies to you fill the form, and make payment to the bank details provided below. Then Scan both teller and completed forms to:

National Secretary  РEmail:

Links to Download Form Below:

Student Membership Registration Form – Download

Cooperate & Affiliate Membership Registration Form – Download

Account Details:

Payment to:

NIAE Account (aka Nigerian Society of Agricultural Engineers)

United Bank of Africa (UBA Plc)

Account No: 1000336638

* Online registration and Payment coming Soon!!!!*