Career Counseling

Guide to Common Regional & Chapter Activitie

1.    Career counselling for secondary school students

2.    Technical tour to industries, farms and places of agricultural and engineering interests

3.    Advocacy visits to government ministries, departments and agencies and private enterprises

4.    Membership drive and mobilization to Universities, Polytechnics, colleges of Agriculture for both staff and students as well as government and private enterprises

5.    Regular business meetings (monthly, bimonthly, Quarterly) of the branch and regions

6.    Technical paper presentation on relevant topics and other capacity building programmes

7.    Youth entrepreneurship and capacity building for young agricultural engineering graduates

8.    Induction of new members and students at various branches.

9.    Conferences, workshops and seminars for members and enlightenment for the public

10. Consultancy and training for fund generation

11. Any other localized programme

Such programmes must have banners, adequately publicized and reported in media


Ex-Officio 1 – To cover North West, North Central and North East

Ex-Officio 2 – to cover South South, South East and South West

  • To assist the regional chairmen in establishing chapters
  • To assist the regional chairmen in mobilizing the members for NIAE activities
  • To report independently to NEC of the developments in the regions and potential areas of needs with the aim of proffering solutions to them
  • Will perform other duties as may be delegated by the National Chairman and NEC

Career Counselling Levels

Carrer Counselling are organized at state levels for secondary schools. Members are encouraged to be part of the state or branch activities for this programme. Beyond counseling, the students and young engineers get mentored through their programmes.